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“Bubbe Awards” 2023, São Paulo, Brazil –
Best Jewish Music Video
( People’s Choice & 2nd Place )

“Bubbe Awards” 2022, São Paulo, Brazil –
Best Original Partially Yiddish Song
( People’s Choice )

“Bubbe Awards” 2021, São Paulo, Brazil –
Best New Yiddish Song
( People’s Choice & 3rd Place )


Jordan Kutzik The Forward

Listening to Maria Ka’s Yiddish electropop album, “Di Arumike Velt” [The Surrounding World], was for me like hearing music from a parallel universe. Not only are the Yiddish songs about the coronavirus era and issues facing women in 2020s Poland, but the music itself is unlike anything I’ve heard performed in the language. Maria Kawska, a millennial resident of Gdansk, who records under the stage name Maria Ka, has a unique sound that includes elements of electronic dance music, europop, alternative rock and cold wave. Playing electric guitar, piano and keyboard, she makes ample use of a looping machine.

Rokhl Kafrissen Tablet

Ka’s feminism is woven through all of her creative work, whether it’s her songs or even her social media. ( ... ) there is not one note of klezmer to be found in her already impressive discography. It’s no secret that I am a passionate devotee of all things klez. But I also believe that it’s vital for artists to find their own musical way with the Yiddish materials at hand, something Maria Ka demonstrates with a very modern verve.