Di arumike velt די אַרומיקע וועלט

Di arumike velt

„Di arumike velt | די אַרומיקע וועלט = The New Reality” is a 5 – piece solo audiovisual project recorded in 2020 and performed solo by the artist.It was created within the coronavirus pandemic era and was deeply inspired by it and all changes it has initiated.The album consists of 3 original songs written by Maria Ka contemporarily in Yiddish: Di arumike velt די אַרומיקע וועלט , ( I ) ShaWoman אשה – פֿרוי and awarded Krankheyt קראַנקהייט, and 2 classic Yiddish songs: Mayn shtetele Belz מײַן שטעטעלע בעלז and Zog nit keyn mol זאָג ניט קיין מאָל – the anthem of ghetto partisans.It is accompanied by author’s visuals and translations to Polish & English, together with the Yiddish transliterated version.