Di shaykhesn די שײַכותן

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A solo album released in June 2022 and written with the use of three languages: Yiddish, English and Polish, mixed within the songs’ structures.
It is dedicated to and inspired by the topic of multiidentity, different backgrounds and parts of it, creating oneness on the whole. It consists of three original pieces written by Maria Ka in contemporary times:

„Bingo בינגאָ”
„Enigma עניגמאַ”
„Ven es regnet ווען עס רעגנעט”

and one Yiddish classic:
„Dzhankoye דזשאַנקאָיע”

included by Maria to her album after the breakout of the war in Ukraine in February 2022.

Each song was released with a videoclip, one week after another.