the era of songs in Polish & English

the era of songs in Polish & English

Between 2012 and 2017 Maria Ka composed original songs and wrote them in Polish and English. They were the fusion of alternative, punk, rock, cold – wave and psychedelic sounds. This journey begun solo as two lo – fi albums, and was followed with the band till 2017.

V / V / V / V was the first from the trilogy. It consisted of 9 songs and was recorded in 2012.

X / Y / X / Y came a year later, with 6 pieces recorded in 2013.

R – ɘvol – ucja is an unfinished combination of the former two, recorded with the band and combining vocals, keyboards, distorted guitar and drums.The collaboration was interrupted by Maria’s struggle with eating – disorders, and was accompanied by deep psychotherapy. It resulted in entering the period of self – consciousness, leaving toxic environments and letting the Yiddish – Jewish core blossom.Mental health awareness is, next to female narrative’s emphasis, one of the main messages of the artist so she doesn’t hesitate to share her own story of the past dark period. She is convinced that it can help and support women and men affected by depression, self – harm and other psychic issues, empowering their path towards well – being and full recovery.

Maria’s Polish guitar song Droga ( the Road | דער וועג ), written in 2013, is a part of 40 – piece special compilation “Polskie piosenki dla Ukrainy” ( Polish songs for Ukraine ) that supports brave people of Ukraine in resisting putin’s invasion in March 2022. The income supports Polish Center for International Aid with helping people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, caused by the sudden war.