The music to the lost Yiddish movie די מוזיק צו אַ פֿאַרלוירנעם ייִדישן פֿילם

The music to the lost Yiddish movie

“The music to the lost Yiddish movie די מוזיק צו אַ פֿאַרלוירנעם ייִדישן פֿילם” is an album that premiered in 2018 and was inspired by the story of an interwar Jewish production shot in Poland. In 1924 Zygmunt Turkow directed a silent movie Tkies Kaf, which script was based on a hasidic legend of “the vow” – a sacred promise between two friends that took an oath concerning future marriage of their children. The film involved major stars of the era, including magnificent Ester Rachel Kamińska and her daughter Ida.

Nine years later, George Roland decided to transform the movie into a sound version by adding a charismatic voice of a narrator describing the story (in that role – Joseph Buloff) and shooting additional sound scenes. The movie, entitled A Vilna Legend, remained unaffected through the following years, while its silent precursor got lost in unknown conditions.

 Maria Ka and her fellow musician decided to put a new meaning into the story and created a music script matching some major plots of Tkies Kaf.
 The project combines newly composed pieces and traditional Yiddish songs arranged with contemporary music means.
 It is a fabulous mystical music journey through the most mysterious nooks of Jewish culture, embedded in XXI century through applied modern artistic means.
 The CD album consists of 15 pieces sung extraordinarily by Maria Ka in Yiddish – the language, which floats magically through the sounds of piano, flutes, zither and electronic samples.

Traditional songs interlaced with original soundscapes and music themes.

Strong voice of women of contemporary Poland.
 performed by:
 Maria Ka: vocals, piano, electronics
 Maja Miro: flutes, zither, electronics